Saturday, 17 November 2012

Has anyone seen my kha-kis?

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Evening all!

Long time, no post (I know, I know). A Levels consume considerably more of my time than I initially anticipated. A lot more. My studious self decided that I'd have to surrender my blog for work's sake (to which my fashion self gave a big fat NO), so I've forced a blogging hour into my hectic schedule. No more excuses, now. I'm gonna stick at this (she says).

Oh, and here are my top high-street picks:

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Shorts: Topshop
Shirt: H&M
Boots: Asos

I'm now concerned that my God-awful heading pun is not explicit enough. It was inspired by my mother, who is forever misplacing her car keys (geddit?) *rolls eyes, exasperated exhalation*.

I did warn you it was awful.

(I entreat you to take a peek at my Facebook page. It is seriously deficient in likes!)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm ba-ack!

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Just returned home from abroad, staying at the house of a lovely foreign friend, and am feeling thoroughly flat out knackered. I would go all exotic and put it down to 'jet lag', only this friend of mine lives merely in Spain (what with the paltry 1 hour time difference). I think, perhaps, it may be more to do with the partying, the late nights and...and another factor that would make my still being in pyjamas more reasonable.

So I returned yesterday from the 45 degree oven (Celsius, that is) of southern Spain and was most warmly (i.e. freezingly) welcomed by a drizzly, 18 degree England. Woop-dee-doo. How long it has been since a pair of socks and a fleecy dressing gown were a neccessity. I almost forgot what they felt like. Almost.

It's funny how my posts always seem to culminate in a rant about the weather of Old Blighty. Well, today I'll make an effort to finish on a lighter note. Such as praising the fine English tea cake, or Union Jack novelty tea towels, or fine Wedgewood pottery, or something else that's undoubtedly related to - or comprising the word - that is England's ubiquitous hot beverage. It's almost (almost) ironic that I don't even like tea. I like coffee.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I have a photo you might like to see:

...Ta-dah! Obviously, the weather has now rendered such an outfit unsuitable. Humph. (I just couldn't help myself, could I?)

23/08/12: NEWS JUST IN.
Ah yes, that infamous date that any British GCSE student has been dreading for the best part of 3 months. Little as it has to do with the subject of my blog, I am just so unbelievably chuffed I felt the urge to share it with the world: I GOT TEN A*s (A+)...! It was a relief to see all of that hard work - that I've many a time ranted about on here - printed on that holy sheet of paper. And now to breathe out...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What's shiny and blue?

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After an epoch of hunting (not as in, the sort with rifles) I have found IT. Whether too short of sleeve, too baggy of trunk, too garish, too pale, too delicate, too chunky, too holey - I've not had much luck. Until a coupla' days ago, when I finally hit the jackpot.
Found it.
All on its lonesome. Looking forlorn and just crying for me to reach out and...fondle. Thus it was snatched from the rail in one fell swoop, then admired for a mere nanosecond before I scurried over to the lovely lady at the till (in a manner somewhat like a 6 year old scoffing an ice cream before a pesky sibling/parent/seagull should dare to take a precious lick). I was too eager for it to be MINE to be fussed about trying it on.
Well, now looking back at the photographs, you will most likely be left to wonder just what the hell all the fuss was over. Perhaps I'm beginning to wonder, too.
...Nah. The love that was born in the shop that fateful afternoon shan't be thwarted so easily. Just you wait for the wedding day.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday night! (If that's possible?)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Culotted Cream.

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I've not much time today, as I'm off on holiday on the 'morrow and need to finish packing...That's probably the worst part of a holiday. Aside from unpacking...
Here's an outfit I jammed together this evening, with my new favourite item: culottes. They deceived me in the shop, as I mistook them for a skirt. Crafty little blighters...
It was far too chilly to wear them alone, so I stuck my spotty tights on beneath. 
...And hey presto..! (...I've used far too many ellipses, have I not...?)

And that'll be it for tonight. I'm off to check I've packed the right amount of underwear...

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dreamboats and petticoats...

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'Oh dear...' was the perfunctory comment of a certain family member upon seeing my outfit this morning. GREAT start to the day. They know precisely how to boost someone's confidence.
Despite that, I'm going to go ahead and shove it in this blog post. Hopefully it won't incite the same reaction in you.
Fingers crossed.
Well, at the very least, it's an outfit that I am personally comfortable in, which I suppose is of most importance...


I'm often asked about how I do my makeup. I think it's due to the trademark 'flicks' of mine. My trick, if you want it right first time, is to create your line with a pencil liner, then go over that with liquid.
Another makeup rut of mine is coral red lips. I use Dr. Hauschka, as it's 100% chemical free, but I'm sure there are loads of others out there that give equally great colour.

And here are a few close ups of my outfit components: