Sunday, 24 June 2012

What's shiny and blue?

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After an epoch of hunting (not as in, the sort with rifles) I have found IT. Whether too short of sleeve, too baggy of trunk, too garish, too pale, too delicate, too chunky, too holey - I've not had much luck. Until a coupla' days ago, when I finally hit the jackpot.
Found it.
All on its lonesome. Looking forlorn and just crying for me to reach out and...fondle. Thus it was snatched from the rail in one fell swoop, then admired for a mere nanosecond before I scurried over to the lovely lady at the till (in a manner somewhat like a 6 year old scoffing an ice cream before a pesky sibling/parent/seagull should dare to take a precious lick). I was too eager for it to be MINE to be fussed about trying it on.
Well, now looking back at the photographs, you will most likely be left to wonder just what the hell all the fuss was over. Perhaps I'm beginning to wonder, too.
...Nah. The love that was born in the shop that fateful afternoon shan't be thwarted so easily. Just you wait for the wedding day.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday night! (If that's possible?)