Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm ba-ack!

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Just returned home from abroad, staying at the house of a lovely foreign friend, and am feeling thoroughly flat out knackered. I would go all exotic and put it down to 'jet lag', only this friend of mine lives merely in Spain (what with the paltry 1 hour time difference). I think, perhaps, it may be more to do with the partying, the late nights and...and another factor that would make my still being in pyjamas more reasonable.

So I returned yesterday from the 45 degree oven (Celsius, that is) of southern Spain and was most warmly (i.e. freezingly) welcomed by a drizzly, 18 degree England. Woop-dee-doo. How long it has been since a pair of socks and a fleecy dressing gown were a neccessity. I almost forgot what they felt like. Almost.

It's funny how my posts always seem to culminate in a rant about the weather of Old Blighty. Well, today I'll make an effort to finish on a lighter note. Such as praising the fine English tea cake, or Union Jack novelty tea towels, or fine Wedgewood pottery, or something else that's undoubtedly related to - or comprising the word - that is England's ubiquitous hot beverage. It's almost (almost) ironic that I don't even like tea. I like coffee.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I have a photo you might like to see:

...Ta-dah! Obviously, the weather has now rendered such an outfit unsuitable. Humph. (I just couldn't help myself, could I?)

23/08/12: NEWS JUST IN.
Ah yes, that infamous date that any British GCSE student has been dreading for the best part of 3 months. Little as it has to do with the subject of my blog, I am just so unbelievably chuffed I felt the urge to share it with the world: I GOT TEN A*s (A+)...! It was a relief to see all of that hard work - that I've many a time ranted about on here - printed on that holy sheet of paper. And now to breathe out...