Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sonia Ayaz SS15 II

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As promised, here is the next instalment of the Sonia Ayaz textile design collection; the designs you can see below are all her own work, added in post-production (which is pretty nifty indeed, if you ask me). All her designs (particularly the crop top) are on my to-buy list - please, someone, offer to produce Sonia's fabulous work!

And in other, slightly unrelated news:

I've been updating my blog as regards my studies since I began writing, but haven't yet had chance to post that I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO OXFORD! I still can't quite believe that I'm in.

I'll be starting my degree (German) in October, so am trying to squeeze in a few blog posts before my life becomes all Kant and Kafka.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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  1. I like the pops of color on white, especially the crop top with the high waisted pants. Also, congratulations on being accepted to Oxford! That's amazing!! =)


  2. congratulations on your acceptance into oxford!!!! this collection is beautiful. especially loving the skirt with the stripe down the side. thanks for stopping by [oomph.]!

  3. Lovely shots! & congrats! xx

  4. Loving this collection! Congratulations on getting into Oxford! x

  5. love this post! great inspiration :)

    check out my blog too maybe we can inspire eachother? or follow, let me know and I will follow back :)



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