Saturday, 10 January 2015

Biggi Ayo

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So I thought it was about time I got going with the bloggy-business again. It's been far, far too long...

After a good mangling through one heck of a first term at uni (the Oxonians really don't lie about the work load) I think my brain has pretty much returned to its former solidity having had chance to rest (a little) over Christmas. Although I've essentially replaced essay-writing-in-a-state-of-zombified-exhaustion with mindless telly watching. Interspersed (of course) with some medieval German literature and a bit of Nietzsche.

(Am I overdoing the brackets?)

Anyway, while I still have a few free days ahead of me before returning to the Big O, I'll (at last) make this post that I've been wanting to publish for yonks...

I shot with the wonderful Biggi Ayo a while back, so as well as getting his great work out there (he's a talented chap), I can kill two birds with one stone and make this a personal style post, too, as all the clothes are my own (hence you'll probably see them pop up again at some point in later posts).

(I've definitely overdone the brackets.)

It's rather a miscellany of images with loads of different editing techniques, but I think they all work in their own way. (Someone really must teach me how to use Photoshop.) Hats off to Ayo!

- Oh yes, and the outfits...

In the first shot, the white shirt and velvet-tie-thing are from Asos, and the tartan trousers are Mango.
The sheer blouse with geometric pattern is also from Asos - and I'm wearing a turtleneck crop-top beneath it, also from Asos (no prizes for guessing where the content of my piggy bank goes). The floral box-top is (you guessed it) another Asos buy, as is the Hawaiian-print bomber jacket (I wear this thing EVERYWHERE. It's been one of the best sartorial investments I've ever made). And the cow-print skirt's form Zara. (Haven't missed anything, have I?)

And before I forget, do check out Ayo's website:

Cheers folks!

Over and out,

I'VE MOVED! To follow my latest posts, please find me at


  1. you are gorgeous! i love your look and style :) just followed you!

  2. Amazing pictures!! Love the outfits!!

  3. Gorgeous editorial! Amazing makeup look, outfit.. =)

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  5. You have a beautiful blog and photos)
    I follow you!

  6. Make up is absolutely fabulous, and the photos came out great!!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!!! xoxo

  7. glad you're back, we've missed you!

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  9. This makeup and photos are gorgeous! In love. New follower (: ♡♡


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