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Daniella is a half-Danish-half-English, quinoa-loving, book-reading and resourceful 19-year-old Oxford undergrad, and when she’s not busy generating new material for her blog and referring to herself in third person, she’s either hunched over a laptop dashing out some essay or other, ploughing through some German literature, baking coconut buns and oat cakes, embarking on a new art project she never finishes, blasting out Nirvana, or cutting out clothes labels that make her itch.

She’s not rolling-in-it and is certainly not a highly-ranked fashionista aiming to whisk you away into her world of exotic locations, first dibs on Chanel’s new collection and a wardrobe so chock full of designer gear it’s probably worth more than the central London penthouse apartment she lives in. Sigh…

However, what you can expect from this blog is fashion on a student budget, lots of lists even when unnecessary, jokes (if they are so worthy of the term) that only she finds humorous, and the revelation that maybe it is possible to establish a minor rank in the fashion stakes sans Armani.

Daniella wears whatever makes her feel happy; an outlook she believes should be more widely adopted.


  1. Your bio is adorable! I'll be in London on Sunday! In any case, I followed you with GFC. Hope you can connect with me, as well!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
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  2. Hi Daniella,

    My name is Rebecca from Fashionchick UK, I am looking for a contact address to email you with regards to a competition regarding Amsterdam Fashion Week, could you let me know what it is? Thanks x

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      You can contact me at: snuske@btinternet.com

      Look forward to finding out about the competition! x

    2. Thank you Daniella, I will email you shortly! x

  3. Hey Daniella, Chloe at pretty disturbia told me about your blog and i've featured you in mine about interning if you want to take a look at the photos behind the scenes the other day!
    Ruth x


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